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Tom Mackay Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Junior High Keyboarding, Physical Education- Weight Trainin, Physical fitness



It is hard for me to believe that this is the start of my 15 year teaching in the West Jefferson School District.  I started in Hamer with a 5/6th grade class.  After that year the 6 5th graders and I came over to Terreton Elementary.  Over the first ten years of my time in West Jefferson I coached the boy’s junior high basketball team and loved working with the boys outside of the classroom.  I am very blessed to have Karen my wife in my life.   She makes the world turn for me and life wouldn’t be worth much without her.  When I started teaching Sarah my oldest was just starting Kindergarten.  Now she is a beautiful college student at BYU-Idaho.  She amazes me to think of what a wonderful young lady she is. Katie was just 2 when I started teaching.  Now she is a beautiful 16 year old high-school student who is very head strong and has a great heart.  Since starting beautiful Ellie has been added to our family.  She is as fiery as her red hair and can always make me laugh.   This year I was assigned to teach the P.E. classes at the elementary school this has been really fun.  My goal for this year is to get every student active and show them by example that exercise and a healthy life style is important to a happy life.