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Brianna Tuckett Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language Arts , Math, Presentations, Reading, Science Fair, Social Studies, Spelling, Writing


High School: Cibola High School in Yuma, Arizona

College: Brigham Young University-Idaho

             Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

             K-8 certification


2007 school year: 5th grade at Jefferson Elementary in Rigby, ID

2008 - 2012 school years: 5th grade at Terreton Elementary in Terreton, ID

2012 school year: 5th grade English Language Arts at Terreton Elementary

2013 school year: 5th and 6th grade Math at Terreton Elementary

2014 school year (current): 6th grade English Language Arts at Terreton Elementary


Name: Brianna Tuckett

Family: I am married to Rusty and we have a two year old daughter named Cambri.

            I come from a family of 5 boys and 4 girls for a total of 9 children.

Background: I grew up in Yuma, Arizona where the majority of my family still resides. I am the third oldest and the eldest girl in my family. I graduated in a class of over 400, very different from West J. ;) After graduating I spent the summer working for my Uncle in Colorado as his legal secretary. The following January I moved to Rexburg, started college at Brigham Young Univeristy-Idaho, and began my Idaho adventures. In the fall of 2006 I met and married Rusty. The following July I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and began my teaching career the fall of that same year. In 2012 after nearly 6 years of marriage Rusty and I welcomed our daughter Cambri into our lives. 

Favorite Color: Purple is my absolute favorite, but I am drawn to all bright colors and fun patterns.

Favorite Food: I can't really narrow it down. I love it all! Sweets, Chinese, Mexican, American, it's all good! ;)

Interests/Hobbies: My all time, ultimate favorite thing to do for my own entertainment and joy is ride horses! I absolutely LOVE horses! I grew up riding and showing horses in both the English and Western disciplines, but predominately Western. Another thing I enjoy is crafting of all kinds. I enjoy sewing (though I am most definitely a beginner), paper crafts, scrapbooking, wood crafts, decorating, refinishing, and repurposing. I enjoy it all! I am also a very social person so I enjoy hanging out with others as well.