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Chet Packer Staff Photo

Idaho State University 


Spanish at Highland and One awesome year at West Jefferson!!!!


I was born in Pocatello but moved to Idaho Falls in 3rd grade. I Graduated from IF High school in 1998 and attended college at ISU where I received a certificate from the College of Technology and a Bachelors Degree in Science. I have 4 amazing children whom I love to spend time with, and talk about all the time. 

I believe in the same teaching philosophy of hero of mine:

I believe that all students are capable of learning and experiencing success. Not everyone learns the same way, and attention must be given to the different ways that students learn. By focusing on all the different learning styles we are able to maximize the success students can achieve.

I believe that students to be given material at their own level that challenges them. Each child is an individual and should be treated as such. Each child brings with them their own experiences and culture. We should embrace all the cultures and help encourage this diversity in the classroom, Helping students embrace their uniqueness.

I believe that the classroom should be a place of safety, encouragement, support, and understanding. Students need to feel safe and comfortable inn their environment in order to be able to maximize learning, Students also need to be supported and understood in the classroom. A positive and encouraging attitude can go a long way in building a student’s confidence in their own abilities. When we help students believe in themselves and their abilities, we are helping students become lifelong learners.

 I believe that learning should be fun and interactive. Learning should promote curiosity and lifelong learning. Learning takes place when students are allowed to learn through materials, peer teaching and exploration. I believe that learning can take place in a variety of different settings. Incorporating a multitude of opportunities for students to learn from is an important aspect of being an effective teacher.

~M Bergenhagen